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The General and Specific information contained in this section is for the benefit of members of the Association for Senior Communities (ASC), their governing bodies, managements and residents. Non-members will have access through payment of a pre-determined amount.

However, The Association for Senior Communities cannot be held accountable for the interpretation and implementation of any information contained on this website which may lead to different and conflicting opinions.

You are advised to keep the following in mind before embarking on implementing information found on the website:

  • Legislation pertaining to the Retirement Industry in South Africa is not standardized and many times differently interpreted even by lawyers.
  • You might also find unfamiliar terminology.
  • One size does not fit all – each facility has its own unique .structures, dynamics and more. It is therefore imperative to find a solution which will work best in your circumstances.
  • When in doubt, direct your questions to the Association. You may find your and other answers in the Questions & Answers section.
  • It is recommended that professionals, i.e. auditors, lawyers, gerontologists, etc. are consulted to ensure a desirable solution.

The I&K Base is a living document of which the content will change from time-to-time. This will be done with your contribution. You are therefore cordially invited to direct your questions, inputs and disagreements to